Jackal Amazonas fotós hátizsák

Luminar 3 - erase

E-M1X, tényleg a csúcs?

Fotó technika - How to. Focus stacking with olympus E-M1 mkII

The Land of eagles - a sasok földjén

Luminar 3 - quick & awesome / néhány lépésben fantasztikus eredmény

Luminar 3 - edit, sharpening, denoise, brush

Luminar 3 - Library áttekintő

VLOG 01. Egy havas nap / a snowy day

European bee eaters

In Hungary in May and June we spend a lot of time in our hide to take photos and videos about European bee eaters. These amazing birds visit our country from May to August. There were a lot of fantastic moments in front of their wall. Here is a short video about them.